SIA “LARTA 1” projektē un komplektē zemu izmaksu mūsdienīgu piena telpu aprīkojumu
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SIA "LARTA 1" designs and assembles low-cost, modern milk room equipment

A modern dairy farm is unthinkable without modern, top-quality milking equipment that fully meets all animal welfare and agricultural requirements. If you are planning to reorganize an existing dairy, or want to set it up from scratch, you will need modern, proven and long-lasting agricultural equipment with low maintenance costs and high work capacity and efficiency.

SIA "LARTA 1" is a Latvian company that designs and assembles low-cost modern equipment for dairy facilities - milking equipment, milk supply systems, coolers, electronic control units and related equipment.
All the company's products are produced locally, in Latvia. This means that you will always be able to purchase the latest milking accessories, as well as receive the necessary spare parts on time.

Knowledgeable consultants of SIA "LARTA 1" will tell you in more detail about our services, types of work and typical projects, as well as calculate the price and prepare an individual offer!