Metal products to order

Rezekne factory LARTA 1 will make metal products of any complexity according to your order. We develop drawings according to individual orders.

Delivery and installation

We deliver, install and adjust equipment on dairy farms for farms. We provide a warranty for our equipment.

Individual approach to agricultural equipment

For each farm, we will calculate the necessary equipment parameters: milking machine, milk supply system, cooler, electronic control unit and related equipment.

Service and repair

We carry out repairs on site or at the factory. We service the installed equipment. Milk feeding systems, milking equipment, electronic controls and related products.

Piegāde un uzstādīšana

Vedam, uzstādam un noregulējam aprīkojumu uz piena saimniecībās fermam. Mūsu aprīkojumam nodrošinam garantiju.

Production of plastic products

We provide a full production cycle - molding, processing, packaging and delivery of plastic products.