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We offer to buy a milk duct and milking medicine with an interest-free payment term!

SIA LARTA 1 offers farms to install a milking unit with a milk pipe for 30 to 200 cows and milking parlors   Read more

Team SIA LARTA 1 celebrates Latvia's birthday with a run in Rēzekne!

On the 104th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia our team took part in a traditional People's race "Ieelpo Rēzekni!", which ...   Read more

SIA LARTA 1 offers customers used tractors, harvesters, loaders, etc

Well-known agricultural machinery brands: John Deere, Claas, New Holland, Case, Manitou.

  Read more

SIA "LARTA 1" designs and assembles low-cost, modern milk room equipment

A modern dairy farm is unthinkable without modern, top-quality milking equipment that fully meets all animal welfare and agricultural requirements.   Read more

SIA LARTA 1 started cooperation with the Czech company FENCEE

The Czech company FENCEE offered new electric shepherds, one of the largest product ranges in Europe!

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Customer reviews

Baltinava parish, Baltinava county

Z/S "Dravas"

"The milking machine is economically beneficial - a very good price-to-quality ratio. My milking machine has been working since 2010 without major problems. Both warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance were performed. Durable and cheap to maintain. Very satisfied."

Gluda parish, Jelgava county

Z/S "Klumpji"

"The price and maintenance costs of the milking machine are good. It is easy to operate. The quality is satisfactory. The service is provided."

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