Metālapstrāde un metāla detaļu izgatavošana uzņēmuma Larta
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Metalworking and production of metal parts of the company Larta

The company SIA "Larta-1" has been operating since 1961, manufacturing milking equipment. As well as using the existing range of production equipment, we provide various services in metal processing:
  • Turning works of various degrees of complexity, on numerically controlled work tables, as well as on analog equipment of various models and types;
  • Milling works. There is a wide range of equipment and accessories to provide surface grinding jobs, cylindrical grinding jobs as well as high precision internals grinding works.

The company SIA "Larta-1" employs qualified design staff and we provide metalworking services to many manufacturers in Latvia.

We are open to new partners and will be very happy for one-off or batch orders.

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