Mēs piedāvājam plašu gultņu klāstu no ražotāja - uzņēmuma BBC-R!
The news

We offer a wide range of bearings from the manufacturer - the company BBC-R!

The company SIA "Larta 1", which was founded in Rēzekne in 1961, offers its customers a wide assortment of spare parts for agricultural machinery. We also offer a wide range of bearings. Being the authorized distributor of the only bearing manufacturer in Latvia - the company BBC-R - we clearly comply with all requirements for proper bearing storage conditions in our warehouse.

I would also like to share with you some important tips for storing bearings.

  1. Warranty period of bearing storage - 3 years. Longer storage time significantly reduces the operational characteristics of the bearings. If this time is exceeded, the bearings must be "reserved" - the bearings must be rinsed and the grease changed. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer.
  2. In order to preserve the operating characteristics of the bearings for the longest possible time, they are stored in closed rooms with ventilation.
  3. The bearings are stored in a horizontal position on specially arranged shelves.
  4. The cardboard box and polyethylene bearing packaging must not be damaged, otherwise the bearings are exposed to moisture and dust, which leads to a reduction in the service life of the bearing and damage.
  5. Extreme temperature fluctuations in rooms should be avoided, as this leads to condensation and corrosion even in packed bearings. In such cases, the bearing is not suitable for operation.

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