Iespēja pieteikties atbalsta saņemšanai uzņēmējdarbības uzsākšanai mazajās lauku saimniecībās!
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An opportunity to apply for support for starting a business in small farms!

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Electronic Application System (EPS)

Round open
Available financing
6,585,000 EUR
Funding Limitation
15,000 EUR

From May 26 to June 26 of this year, it is possible to apply for support for starting a business in small farms with public funding of EUR 6,585,000, which includes funding from the European Union's Recovery Instrument. A project submission, which includes a business plan, can be prepared in cooperation with a consulting service provider. The deadline for the implementation of the business plan is June 30, 2025. LLKC contact list is available HERE.

In the eighth round, costs for the establishment of long-term plantings, the purchase of beef cattle and sheep for beginners in the respective industries are not supported.

The financing available in the round is distributed according to the principle of regions, taking into account the proportion of agricultural land in the group of small farms (up to 50 ha) as follows:

Structural unit of the USSR Available public funding (EUR)
East Latgale RLP 750,000
South Kurzeme RLP 780,000
Southern Latgale RLP 1,290,000
RLP of Riga 570,000
RLP of Central Latvia 705,000
Zemgale RLP 435,000
Northeast RLP 660,000
North Kurzeme RLP 450,000
North Vidzeme RLP 945,000
In total 6,585,000

In order to create a new user in EPS and attract a consultant, it is necessary to fill out the EPS user form, assigning the "A006 role" to the consultant (first under "Special EPS roles"). In case of uncertainty, please call the customer service number +37167095000.