Ko nozīmē apzīmējumi uz filtra?
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What do the markings on the filter mean?

It should be noted that each filter manufacturer puts its own unique label on the products, by which it is impossible for the user to determine all filter parameters. However, some key features remain available to the user.

One example could be the American manufacturer Fleedguard, you can find out about the importance of the filter by the label of this manufacturer's filters:

LF - lube filter - oil filter (LF16233);.
FS - fuel separator (FS19532)
FF - fuel filter - fuel filter (FF5113);
HF - hydraulic filter - hydraulic filter (HF28914);
AF - air filter - air filter.

On the filter housing you can also see:

  • filter production dates and series (Figure 1);
  • country of manufacture of the filter (Figure 2);
  • filter installation and maintenance instructions (Figure 3);
  • main technical characteristics and other information (Figure 4).

Among the technical characteristics, the allowable working pressure and also the filtration parameters (degree of filtration and coefficient) are usually specified.
On cartridge filters, taking into account their technical characteristics, the application of information is much smaller.

To obtain complete information on the technical parameters of the filters, their application, operating rules and mutual interchangeability, you must have certain technical knowledge or contact a qualified specialist.

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