About the company

About the trading house Larta

Time and eras replace each other, the rhythm of life changes, the way of life changes, only one thing remains unchanged - work on earth. A farmer does not have time to go to stores and search on the Internet for various websites that sell the necessary goods. It is best and most convenient when you can buy everything you need in one place at affordable prices.

This is exactly how we created Trading House LARTA - according to the "One Window" principle. The LARTA company has been working with farmers who keep and breed dairy cattle for 40 years. During this time, we have accumulated a huge amount of experience and understanding of how life is arranged on a farm. You will be able to buy the goods you need from us at the Trading House. Our delivery service will take it to you, our service service will install and set it up, and if necessary, carry out repairs and preventive work. You can order and receive any spare parts for our equipment from us. Our factory in Rēzekne operates and manufactures equipment and components for our production.


The company SIA "LARTA" was founded in 1997 on the basis of milking equipment in Rēzekne. We manufacture the entire modern line of milking equipment - from mobile portable milking equipment to robotic milking complexes. LARTA milking technique is distinguished by increased safety and resistance to aggressive external environment. The materials and technologies used in the LARTA company ensure the service life of aggregates, not less than 10 years.

The service department will deliver, install, set up the equipment, as well as provide training on how to handle it. We repair and service milking equipment on site or at our factory.

The company has a network of dealers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Bulgaria. Units and parts of milking equipment are unified, it facilitates repair and maintenance. LARTA milking equipment and milk pipes are delivered to the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary. The milking units are certified by the Latvian State "Certification and Testing Center" and have certificates of conformity of the Customs Union.