SIA “LARTA 1” piedāvā iegādei mūsdienīgu piena telpu aprīkojumu
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SIA "LARTA 1" offers for purchase modern milk room equipment

SIA "LARTA 1" offers for purchase modern dairy room equipment that meets global agricultural standards. Thanks to many years of experience in the market, we understand the needs and wishes of our customers in terms of agricultural equipment to the smallest detail and are able to offer the best individual solution for all types of farms - our customers include both small households and large-scale cow farms.

The constructions of farm equipment manufactured by SIA "LARTA 1" are constantly improved and perfected, keeping up with the latest trends and technological innovations in the livestock industry. The milking equipment manufactured by SIA "LARTA 1" is an excellent investment in the development of the farm, as it helps to achieve greater work efficiency and quality, as well as to increase profits in the long term.

Our knowledgeable consultants will help you choose all the necessary farm equipment according to the client's wishes and budget, as well as perform equipment installation, maintenance, repair and personnel training throughout the territory of Latvia.