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Prepare your farm for the warm season!

Spring is fast approaching, so it's high time to think about preparing your farm for the active spring-summer season. SIA LARTA offers dairy room equipment, spare parts and everything else necessary for dairy cattle breeding. Our staff is ready not only to deliver your order, but also to install it, set it up, as well as provide preventive maintenance and repair. More information in the SERVICES section.

Do not forget to perform the maintenance of the milking units in time, so that

would repair minor deficiencies in a timely manner and prevent them from turning into serious damage to the equipment, which complicates the operation of the farm.

SIA LARTA produces and supplies bearings for agricultural machinery and other spare parts in a wide assortment and price range, our employees will be happy to give advice to every farm to help find the necessary spare parts for the specific situation.

Electric shepherds and their installation

When choosing an electric shepherd, it is necessary to take into account what kind of cattle will stay in it. If the shepherd is for dairy cows, they will not need a lot of impulse energy, because dairy cows are calm, peaceful and used to people. For beef cows, it is recommended to choose an electric herder with a higher pulse strength, as they are stronger and can break the herder if the herder's pulse is not strong enough. When installing the electric shepherd, it is necessary to avoid placing it near trees and bushes, their leaves and branches touching the shepherd will contribute to power losses and reduce their efficiency. Also, the electric fence must be visible so that cows do not accidentally approach the fence and receive electric shocks. When installing the shepherd, you should not forget about the grounding - the grounding rods should be long enough and driven deep into the ground to make sure that even in wet soil the current flows from the ground to

feeder. The electric shepherd is a good lightning conductor, so it is recommended to turn it off during a storm. Disconnecting the electric herder during a storm will protect both the machine itself and the cows in the paddock.

Grain mill

If you want to save on costs, you can prepare concentrates on your own farm instead of buying them from another manufacturer. If your farm grows grain and corn, you can purchase a grain mill and grind the harvested grain and corn into a feed mix. In this way, your farm can successfully economize financial resources, which can then be invested in the development of the farm.

SIA LARTA has been an ally of Latvian farmers in their daily work for 40 years. We provide a full-cycle service to each of our customers - from the moment of purchase to repair - and help solve all problems related to milking units. Go to the CONTACTS section and contact us to find out how we can help your farm grow and develop!