LARTA ir izstrādājusi jaunu mazgāšanas automātu slaukšanas iekārtām!
The news

LARTA has developed a new washing machine for milking machines!

Washing machine LMA.001-03

The washing machine includes: Control unit 220 V, stainless steel tub 100 l, exhaust valves, fittings sets. PRICE: 4500 euros.

Our washing machine is programmable for any milking unit, all control takes place through the touch screen, which is simple and convenient to use.

Advantages :

  • Compactness and modern design;
  • Convenient touch screen;
  • Possibility to adjust the washing program exactly to the number of cows in your herd, which saves water;
  • Ability to set the water temperature - saves electricity;
  • The entire washing process is visible on the display - stage by stage, everything is recorded in the memory and you can always see what and how happened at a particular stage;
  • The control unit can be easily reprogrammed for new conditions, for example if your herd has increased.

Through the control unit, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Regulate water temperature;
  • Choose washing with alkali, acid or with alkali and acid;
  • Choose the initial rinse;
  • Manage vacuum equipment and milk pump;
  • Choose and run any washing cycle;
  • Manual wash using a timer is also possible.
  • You will also have the opportunity to use a water tank of any volume, detergents are filled automatically.

For the purpose of the experiment, we offered to install a washing machine to one owner on her farm to try and test the device in operation, as a result, the owner is very satisfied: Owner Aleksandra Markova (Z/S "Bajāri", 29 govis, Latgale) about the new washing machine: "A month ago at I was approached by the company "LARTA" and offered to replace the old washing machine with the new one. LARTA specialists came to my farm, assembled all the hardware and connected the new washing machine with a sensor display in the control unit. The device looks modern, very convenient to use. After a month, I can say that I am very satisfied with the result: the control program is simple and shows what is happening at the given moment, it can be adjusted to the number of cows needed to save water and electricity. I can recommend this new development with a light heart.”

If you are interested in this washing machine or have any questions, contact our manager: tel. 29462625 or write to e-mail: