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Tracking system with electronic collar DOG GPS X25B (Short version)

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Shortened (collar) version suitable for smaller dogs. Professional localization equipment with sound locators for dogs, equipped with modern technologies with high GPS sensitivity, allows you to locate up to 19 dogs at a distance of 20 km. Dogtrace DOG GPS uses RF technology to communicate with each other. The operation is completely free. Intuitive controls and a bright LCD display with important information. 100% waterproof.
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Tracking system with electronic collar DOG GPS X25B (Short version)
Tracking system with electronic collar DOG GPS X25B (Short version)
Regular price €611,10 EUR
Sale price €679,00 EUR

The tracking system DOG GPS X25B is a sophisticated device used to locate up to 19 dogs. The set consists of a transmitter that is placed on the dog's collar and a receiver (controller - hand-held device), on which the handler monitors the distance and direction to the dog's location. Collar with sound locator.

Shortened version of DOG GPS X25B collar

A shorter version of the DOG GPS X25B collar with the rubber part of the transmitter shortened by 5 cm.

  • the smallest adjustable circumference is 25 cm

GPS locator for dogs with sound locator

GPS collar with dog sound localization option e.g. in a dense forest or in the dark. Choice of 3 different shades. The volume can be adjusted in four levels.

Track up to 19 dogs, handlers and waypoints

Up to 19 devices can be monitored from one remote control. In nineteen positions, you can freely store transmitters (collars), receivers of other participants (handlers), as well as waypoints - subsequent navigation to these stop points.

Free RF technology for communication

The transmitter obtains its location from GPS satellites and sends the location information to the handler's receiver using a radio frequency signal (RF technology). The radio link works even where there is no GSM signal. It is very accurate and you always know the current location of the dogs. Absolutely free.

GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO navigation systems

Benefit from access to a variety of satellite navigation systems to ensure the best possible service even in the most challenging conditions. The DOG GPS device incorporates a highly sensitive GPS/Galileo receiver for the highest accuracy and data acquisition in remote locations with difficult terrain.

DOG GPS range:

  • The distance between transmitter and receiver is 20 km
  • Distance is legitimately variable due to external factors such as terrain roughness and vegetation density
  • The range can be over 20 km in visibility conditions, while it naturally decreases in hilly terrain with dense forest

Features of DOG GPS X25:

Ability to track up to 19 dogs, handlers or waypoints in one receiver (handheld device)
Rechargeable receiver and transmitter, long battery life - more than 40 hours
Charging time is about 3 hours - receiver and transmitter can be charged at the same time
Modern technology with high GPS sensitivity in both LoRa™ receiver and transmitter
GPS dog collar with the highest possible data transmission quality and reliability
The receiver and transmitter are 100% waterproof, made of impact-resistant plastic
Easy to read large LCD display in the receiver - in direct sunlight and in the dark
The smallest and lightest transmitter (collar) among competing devices
Simple, practical and intuitive operation
Quick launch handheld device

DOG GPS X25B Features:

  • COMPASS -- direction to magnetic north
  • BEEPER - detection of movement or dog standing still
  • FENCE - circular fence - acoustic boundary to mark the dog's place
  • WAYPOINT - possibility to save 4 gps coordinates of the receiver - navigation to these points
  • CAR mode - mode for using the receiver (handheld device) in the vehicle
  • SOUND signal - replaces the whistle, you can choose from 3 different tones
  • SOUND locator - volume can be set in 4 levels, 3 different tone selection (X25B and X25TB only)

Package Contents:

  • Receiver incl. Li-Pol 1900 mAh battery
  • Clip for hanging the receiver on the belt and 2 screws
  • The short version of the transmitter (collar) incl. Li-Pol 1900 mAh battery and plastic strap 20 mm × 70 cm
  • Double power adapter, USB cable with charging clip GPS 2 pcs
  • Strap for hanging the receiver
  • Instruction and warranty card
  • Transport bag

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