Electric fence energizer Fencee DUO RF EDX150 12V/230V

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The powerful combined electric shepherd DUO RF EDX150 is specially designed for fences up to 120 km long, loaded with vegetation and where it is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

The large LCD display with control buttons accurately informs about all the most important functions on the fence. The LED and BARGRAPH indicate the operation of the source, show the voltage on the fence and also signal possible damage to the fence.

The control panel and Fencee Cloud app provide convenient control from your phone.

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Electric fence energizer Fencee DUO RF EDX150. Manufacturer "Fencee", Czech Republic. Electric fence energizer works from the mains (230V) or from a standard battery (12V), which can also be used as a backup source.

The set includes:

  • Electric fence energizer Fencee DUO RF EDX150;
  • Adapter for connection to the electrical network (230 V) 1.5 m;
  • Cable for connection to grounding 1.5 m;
  • Cable for connecting to the fence 1.0 m;
  • Cable for connection to battery (12 V) 1.7 m;
  • Warning sign for the fence;
  • Instructions for use.


Max. theoretical fence length 350 km
Max. in case of low grass 120 km
Max. in the case of medium medicine 28 km
Max. in case of high grass 16 km
Supply voltage 12V or ~230V
Power consumption 230 V 6-21 W
Power consumption 12 V 200-1250mA
Input pulse 20.0 J
Discharge pulse 15.0 J
Max. voltage pulse 10500 V
Voltage pulse at a resistance of 500 Ω 7500 V
LED On/Off
LED pulse
LED low battery voltage
LED less power 50%
LED error checking
Time delay
LED pulse bargraph
Reduced discharge pulse
LCD display
Connecting to the mobile application "Fencee Cloud"
External antenna SMA connector
Size 290 x 108 mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Warranty 36 months


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