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Receiver - handheld device DOG GPS X20

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A modern tracking device capable of detecting up to 9 dogs at a distance of 20 km. The device uses GPS and RF technology, offers simple practical operation and is equipped with a readable display and other functions.
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Receiver - handheld device DOG GPS X20
Receiver - handheld device DOG GPS X20
Regular price €283,50 EUR
Sale price €315,00 EUR

DOG GPS X20 is a device for locating your dogs up to 20 km away. It consists of a transmitter placed on the dog's collar and a receiver (handheld device) on which the handler tracks the distance and direction to the dog's location. The transmitter obtains its location from GPS satellites and uses a radio frequency (RF) signal to transmit location information to the handler's receiver.

The receiver display can also monitor RF signal strength, GPS position accuracy, transmitter and receiver battery status.

DOG GPS X20 also has additional functions - a compass, FENCE - an acoustic boundary that provides information about exceeding the specified distance of your dog from the receiver. It also has a BEEPER feature that makes it easy to tell if your dog is moving or standing still.

Device features:

  • The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is up to 20 km in the line of sight (depending on the terrain, vegetation and other factors)
  • One receiver can track up to 9 dogs
  • State-of-the-art technology with high GPS sensitivity in both receiver and transmitter
  • Easy to read receiver display - in direct sunlight and in the dark
  • Fully waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Long battery life (more than 40 hours) - both receiver and transmitter are rechargeable
  • Compass function
  • FENCE function - an acoustic border to mark the dog's space
  • BEEPER function - detecting the movement of the dog
  • Quick Launch Receiver (Handheld)
  • The smallest and lightest collar (transmitter) of competitive devices.
  • Easy to use

Package Contents:

  • X20 receiver incl. 1900 mAh Li-Pol battery
  • Clip for hanging the receiver on the belt and 2 screws
  • Power adapter with USB cable and charging clip for DOG GPS
  • Strap for hanging the receiver
  • Instruction and warranty card

Optional accessories:

  • Spare transmitter and receiver
  • Straps of different colors
  • 1900 mAh Li-pol battery
  • Power adapter with USB cable and GPS clip


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